Eat Dessert First

EAT DESSERT FIRST:  Tell them your results and THEN tell them what you do.

The Primitive Brain will pay much more attention to you.

In the You’re So Brilliant, Why Don’t They Buy series, we discovered an interesting phenomenon.

Tell people the results you get first.  Then tell them what you do.

You’ll get much more attention.

Wake up the Old Brain with an amazing story, in other words – GET THEIR ATTENTION FIRST – and then tell them what you do.

It’s hard to do (try it!) because it’s counter-intuitive, but it can produce some amazing results for you.

Remember, you’re talking to a polite stranger (in person or on the net) and you’re also talking to a 450,000 reptilian brain that is secretly scanning you to see if you’ve got anything interesting to offer.  And it had better be good.

Kathy Eppley, of, gets pretty remarkable results with her clients.  When asked what she did, she said, “I teach people how to take bored, stalled, stuck and struggling and turn it into passionate, powerful six & seven figure profits, quickly and easily, so they can have more freedom, fun and security now.”

That’s a good answer, but there are a lot of words in there.  The only problem is, the Primitive Brain, which is the only brain that triggers decisions (see NEUROMARKETING by Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin) likes word pictures, beginnings, and endings.  It doesn’t like “the middle.”

What does that mean?  If you explain yourself in a really loooooong sentence, or if you use 3-4 sentences to explain what you do, the person may be listening to you with a polite smile, but their Old Brain has hit the snooze button.

That’s because the Old Brain doesn’t like “the middle.”  You know how someone’s telling a really good story and taking too long and you want to say, “Get to the good part!”

That’s how the Primitive, or Old brain works.  It likes short stories, beginnings and endings, word pictures, and high contrast.

So we took Kathy’s results and what she did and flipped them around.

See if you like the difference:

Kathy, what do you do?

Kathy:  “Let me give you an idea…  When I met Peggy she was scared – she had $67 to her name. At the end of 11 months she had made over $350K.”

Did Kathy tell you what she does?


But can you Peggy, broke and scared, and then making 350K?


Here’s the question:  Do you want to hear more?


Why?  Kathy just delivered a perfect Old Brain message.  It’s a short story, it has a scary beginning and a happy ending.  It has no middle.  It also has great word pictures – we can all picture broke Peggy – and it has high contrast ($67 – $350,000), another favorite of the Old Brain.

NOW that she’s got our attention, Kathy can tell us what she does, because we’re hooked.  We want more.

“So Kathy what do you do?”

“I teach women at the end of their rope how to transform a bored, broke and struggling business into passionate, powerful 6-figure profits, in 12 months or less.”

Furthermore, because she started with the story of Peggy, our defenses have been unconsciously lowered (the Old Brain loves stories and lets them right in.)  So, we’re far more likely to believe Kathy can do what she claims.

Giving your results first is strangely hard to do, because we are all so programmed to answer the question, like polite children.

However, it is far more important to capture the full attention, interest, and curiosity of the Old Brain FIRST, and then deliver your service.

Would you be as interested in Kathy, even though her message is really good –

“I teach women at the end of their rope how to transform a bored, broke and struggling business into passionate, powerful 6-figure profits, in 12 months or less.”

If she told you that first?

Or did hearing about Peggy prime the pump?

Work with the Old Brain. Speak to it, intrigue it, make it curious, give it what it wants, and you will be rewarded with far more focused attention than you are used to.

Try giving one sentence of your results first next time.  Let me know what happens.

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