Are you in love with your service or your market?

Jo was the answer to an entrepreneur’s prayer.

Her business systems demolished the clutter and produced million-dollar profits for grateful CEO’s.

So why was she hurting for clients?

“It’s one thing to market what you want to sell,” she said with a resigned grin.

 “It’s another thing to market what they want to buy.”
What’s the answer?

Sell them what they want. Deliver what they need.

Some might call this manipulative.

Have you every tried to make a 4-year-old take a bath when she didn’t want to?

What did you finally do to get her in the tub?

  • Coaxing
  • Teasing
  • Wheedling
  • Telling her how much fun baths are
  • Offering chewing-gum bubble bath
  • Threatening her with only one bedtime story
  • Threatening her with no bedtime story
  • Declaring time-outs
  • Plea-bargaining…


Giving in and allowing her to finger-paint the tub while you bathe her.

Would you call those efforts manipulative? Or would you call them parenting?

You sell your 4-year-old what she wants. (finger-painting the tub)

While you deliver what she needs. (A bath)

Jo wanted to market her incredible series of systems. But no one wants a system.

The trap she fell into was

1) Jo fell in love with her service.

2) Then she tried to market what she loved.

She found herself painting incredible word-pictures of how great the systems were…Offering discounts, coaxing, painting dire pictures of bad systems…

And tearing her hair out because “No one got it.”

It finally dawned on Jo that she was not respecting her clients.

They didn’t want incredible systems.

They wanted more money, freedom, fun, and time.

Drilling down, they wanted:

To make more money without more people

To leave work at 6 instead of 10

To have happier repeat customers

To take long weekends

To (gasp!) enjoy their workday

When Jo started respecting her clients, her approach was completely different.

She used a silver bullet:

“Give me 60 minutes and I can tell you how to make more money with less people.”

She used a story:

“When I met Mark, he was working 12-hour days, struggling to meet payroll, and too busy to grow.  Six months later he brought in over half a million, worked 8-hour days, and took his family to Italy for 2 weeks.”

She spoke only to their desires: money, freedom, time, and fun.

She realized her systems were just the bus that got them there.

She began to enjoy marketing, because clients were coming out of the woodwork.

In two months, Jo had a waiting list.

And very happy clients – because she delivered what they needed most.

Are you in love with your service or your market?

Marketing what you want to sell might leave you very frustrated.

Marketing what they want to buy might make you more money.

As long as you deliver what they really need.

Try it. It works!

p.s. Disclaimer: I am not a parent, just an aunt. If I have offended anyone’s parenting style, I sincerely apologize.


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