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I have to tell you – I love British men!

I spoke in the U.K. this July, and…

at least 10 of them grabbed my suitcase and  hoisted it onto luggage racks on different planes and trains.

That hasn’t happened in America in 20 years. OK American guys, I love you too but there is some serious dialing up to do!

I’ve also been leading the Total Money Mastermind.

You would not believe some of the results:

  • A five figure income (so far) in three months
  • A staggering 86% increase online conversion
  • New clients who sign immediately for full price
  • A $75K Mastermind launch

But there’s one technique I knew I had to share with you the minute we discovered it.

It’s so different that it shocked the class, and it will shock you.

Why? Because it’s so powerful in building trust, rapport, and turning prospects into immediate clients.

It’s great on Facebook, it’s terrific on your blog, it works on your site.

But most important, it reveals how when you give a surprising new identity to your market, in exactly the right way…

You simply can’t stop the attention. The fascination.

And the flow of mon^ey headed your way.

Here it is, and don’t underestimate it!

The WHO ME? Quiz.

A Who Me? Quiz could be about anything – romance, kids, sleep, sales, health, you name it.

Here’s a short quiz on Selling:


When I talk to a prospect:

a. I never ask why they want to work with me, I hate nosy people.
b. I always ask why they want my service.
c. I keep asking “why?” until I know their personal reason for buying.

When my prospect immediately asks me the price:

a. I blurt it out, I’m too honest to fluff it.
b. I tell them I need to talk to them first to assess their needs.
c. I humorously ask what is the price of a new roof?

When a prospect gets anxious:

a. I get a knot in my stomach and start talking too much.
b. I bring the conversation back to where they want to be in 6 months.
c. I make soothing murmurs and take the sale away, for a while.

If you answered “a” to all three questions, you are MAVERICK JET.

You like to do things your way. You do not like to bother people and believe that if you offer a great service, all you need to do it tell people about it. Sometimes you’re afraid that if you pry, people won’t like you. You have trouble managing your own anxiety when asking for the sale. You are in good company – most people react the way you do. You’re honest,  compassionate, and caring. These are necessary for excellent selling, which is really about service.

If you answered “b” to all three questions, you are a LEAR JET 60.

You understand human nature and know what you need to do to help your prospects decide whether to sign with you. You always ask the right questions. You have the right attitude, you are assertive, and you handle anxiety well. You are well on your way to top selling skills. When you learn how to deflect the price, how to handle your prospect’s anxiety, and what to do with objections, your closing rate will soar.

If you answered “c” to all three questions, you are a GULFSTREAM V/550.

You understand how to find the Key Motivator and how crucial this is to signing your clients. You would never try and sell your service to someone whose needs were below your offer. You are adept at deflecting the price question, with humor and ease. You know how to handle the anxiety when it arises in your prospects, every time. You are savvy, compassionate, and have excellent boundaries.

So who were you?

Next time I’ll give you 7 reasons that’ll make your quiz bring you fascinated fans and loyal clients.

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