Wow! Get “sticky” – you’ll get more fans and clients

Do you have a sticky website?

How about a sticky video?

It’s sticky when people just can’t get enough.  They hang around, wanting More!  More!  More!

They step on the gas, become fascinated fans and fanatically loyal clients.

In our Total Money Mastermind, we discovered a sticky trick that creates instant fans who beg for more.

It works because you give your market an identity that fascinates them.

And the identity you give them is the best reason for them to work with you.


So what is it?

Believe it or not…

… it’s a quiz.

Josh, a millionaire mentor, created a quiz and was shocked at the ravenous response.

Mel, a financial expert, was amazed at the power a quiz gave her to attract new business.

Why are quizzes such a powerful tool for your market?

Because the identity you give them is the best reason for them to work with you.


  1. You are giving a new identity to 3 or 4 tribes in your market.  Talk about power!
  2. A quiz is all about THEM, it raises feelings, and it’s street language.
  3. People are both tribal and hierarchical – so is the quiz.
  4. You are identifying their unique pain and offering (brief) solutions.
  5. If you hit a nerve, they will attribute serious intuitive powers to you.
  6. You get higher status and greater loyalty, as long as you keep the communication flowing.
  7. They will segment themselves into different groups so you can more easily market to them.


Imagine you’ve just taken a marketing quiz.

If you answered 1-5 You are a Volvo.

You have formidable stamina.  You persevere.

You never give up.  You tend to work too much.

You don’t know there’s an easier way.  Your market doesn’t see you as clearly as they could.

The one thing you need right now is…

If you answered 5-10 You are a Mercedes.

You are building a smooth, powerful business.

You are a natural leader and focused on your goals.

You work hard and play hard.  You are open to new ideas and make rapid decisions to

make your life easier or bring you wealth.

What you don’t realize is…

If you answered 10-15 you are a Maserati.

You eat problems for breakfast.  If you haven’t hit 7 figures yet, you will soon.

You are focused, driven, and a visionary.

You constantly look to improve your game.

You are building an empire.

The one thing you’re overlooking is…

  1. Can you see how these identities are hard to resist?
  2. See why all three groups need you?
  3. Do you get that you have 3 distinct groups to market to?

Quizzes crush it.

So… how can you get farther, faster, than you ever dreamed?
Try a sticky quiz!

Til next time,


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