Are You Relying on Gut Instinct? Oh Dear!

There are Wild and Woolly Entrepreneurs out there who rely on their gut instinct.

It’s not a bad concept.

You should listen to your body if you’re getting a headache talking to a potential JV partner.

But let’s kick it up a notch.

You all know (maybe personally) six-figure sweatshops where sure, you’re making money, but daily life is a grind.

Want to know the No. 1 difference between 6-figure sweatshops and Cajillionaires?



Cajillionaires test everything.

They doubt everything until it’s been tested.

6-figure Sweatshops don’t… most of the time.

What does this mean?

It means that your gut instinct doesn’t always work when you’re selling on the internet.

And if you’re betting your income on your gut, try this first.

Go to

Pit your gut against a double-blind test.

See how many times you’re right.

Want to join the Cajillionaires?


They test everything.

Emails, subject lines, headlines, landing pages, colors, pictures, fonts, phew!

And they never stop.

So… want to kick it up a notch?

Money loves security. (Just look at Wall Street)

Testing brings security.

Save your gut instinct for people, and start testing your site and everything connected to it.

If you commit to this…

You can start making more money so fast it will make your head spin.

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