What Does Your Enemy Teach You?

Wow!  I just read “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield.

Actually, I read half of it.

Then I put it down and wrote a short play.

Then I created a special call called
Find The Diamond Hiding In Your Business: 6 Steps to Simpler Success 

Because there are no excuses not to have a business that takes good care of you.

So many of us “parent” our businesses.  I just think it should be the other way around.

Steven Pressfield has heard every excuse you can come up with. The guy is scary.  And smart.

Speaking of excuses, do you know the most famous single rule you should follow before you start a business?

It goes like this:

Before you jump in the pool…

Find out if there’s water in it.


Not really.  Many of us start our business because we love what we do.

We don’t think to check Google or the magazines (yep) to see how big the market is.

We have a mission, and we’re going to take on the world!

What happens when you jump in a pool that has no water?

You end up with a hospital bill.

What happens when you jump into a business that has no market or a crowded market?

You can end up struggling, for years…

What’s the answer? Either become a very savvy marketer, or fold your cards and find a market that’s hungry for your skills.

Sometimes that market can be just a slight shift in another direction.

Apple was 5% of the market in computers for years.

Then they turned to phones, ipads, and gadget gizmos.

Now they rule the world.

I doubt Steve Jobs made many excuses.

Neither does Steven Pressfield, the “War of Art” guy.

Everything that prevents you from doing the important stuff, instead of the urgent stuff, is an excuse.

Resistance pops up whenever we begin a new venture, launch a product, write a book, or start something that is meaningful to us.

And according to Pressfield, it will use anything to stop us – love, procrastination, trouble, drama, fear, being a star… The list is endless.

The goal is to stop us from achievement.

In the beginning of the book, there is a quote from the Dalai Lama:

“The Enemy is a very good teacher.”

What is your Enemy that stops you from living your life or growing your business or following your dream?

What is it teaching you?

Til next time,


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