7 Signs You’re Not in Business to Make Money

My friend Lisa is charismatic, full of beans and always up to something.

We had a ball when I was back East in December.

I hadn’t talked to her since, though, because she’s been too busy.

“I’m sorry!” she laughed.  “I’ve been slammed with 10-hour days and I just can’t seem to get a break.”

“But you’ve been working 10-hour days for the last 5 years,” I said. “When does it stop?

To my surprise, she was near tears.

“I don’t know how to stop,” she said.  “I can’t do this much longer.”

Lisa is a brilliant consultant.  Her clients love her.  She loves them.

She’s been a Best Kept Secret for a long, long time.

What’s the scoop?

Lisa didn’t start her business to make money.

She started it to be liked.  To be loved, really.

And by that standard, she’s a brilliant success.

And close to broke.

Lisa is not alone.  There are 7 tell-tale signs that will let you know if you’re steering your ship with the wrong compass.

Here they are and here’s how you can turn the ship around.

(And let me know if you’re willing to take the Truth or Dare Test.)

  1. You get an “A” from your clients for friendliness, helpfulness, likeability and ease.
  2. You give “a little extra time” to clients who need it, and a lot of them need it. (If you give “just 15 minutes” of extra time  3 times a week, and you bill at $250 an hour, you are losing $12,450 a year.)
  3. You give speeches and get amazing feedback, thanks, and more offers to speak.  No sales.
  4. People like you but… They don’t know how to work with you – it’s not clear to them.
  5. You have so many things on your to-do list you have no time to build your business.  This drives you crazy, but you can’t stop.
  6. You scream that you can’t afford help, you work til midnight, and you can’t get ahead.  Still, everyone thinks you’re terrific.
  7. You do a lot of “covert” apple polishing.  If you have a coach, you carry out their instructions but somehow, their instructions never work for you.

If you answered “yes” to more than 2 of the above, you are probably not in business to make money.

It’s OK.

Many people aren’t.

Did you know that?

But the smart ones know it –- they’re in business to fulfill a mission, or to change the world.

The smart ones work with a business mentor who can turn their mission into Mission Monetized.

(It’s easier to change the world if you’re wealthy.  The movers and shakers in the Bible were wealthy men.)

How can you switch to include “making money” in your priorities?

  1. Rock-Solid Boundaries.   Have programs in place that your clients have to follow – or else.  If they want to work with you, they buy your packages, on your terms. Whenever you get tempted to “bend the rules,” and you will, tell them your business mentor will not allow it.
  2. The Truth Or Dare Test. Go to the bank.  Get a $100 bill.  Take it home.  Sit at your desk.  Set it on fire and burn it up. Now… do you still want to give “just an extra 15 minutes” to your “best” clients?
  3. “No” is the single most powerful word in the English language. We react to it much more strongly than the word “yes.” “No” is a natural protection mechanism. Have a “NO NOTE” taped by your computer.  It contains phrases you will repeat every morning before you work, and as needed. when the situation arises. And in my next article, I will tell you what they are.

You can have a good time, you can have wonderful clients, and you can make a lot of money.

There’s a light at the end of your tunnel.

Tame your business and your life will bloom.

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