2 Types of Dreams Your Prospects Love

Welcome to 2013!

So many of you have told me this year is going to be an exciting ride.

And part of the thrill is being able to attract whatever you want, whenever you want it.

Here’s a clue…

Pretty much everyone I know has a friend like Jenn.

She’s always there to lend a ear.

She seems to have the perfect thought whenever I need it, the exact words I want to know… so I was surprised when Jenn asked ME for advice.

Jenn called me to tell me about her blog post.

“I can’t believe it!”

She said.  “I’ve been knocking my brains out to make this thing interesting for 2 years and I happen to write one post that got more than 2,000 views in 3 days.”

“What did you write?”  I asked.

“Well, it was over the holidays, and I wrote about how I was sitting at a 17th century desk at the Gritti Palace, drinking champagne from a hand-blown glass flute, watching the gondolas on the Grand Canal.”

I knew where this was going.

“And what were the posts about?”

“Oh Wow!”
“How did you get there?”
“I wish I had your life.”
“I want to be you.”

Jenn was fuming.

“This was just a personal post! Do people really not care about my business posts?”

Yes, they do, but Jenn’s peeps wanted the dream more.

We all do.

The Dream is the reason we buy.
The reason we get married.
The reason we write books,
have children, launch businesses.

Two Types of Dreams.

There are two types of dreams your prospects want badly enough to work with you:

Theirs and Yours.

DREAM #1: Theirs

When you are offering your service, when you are selling someone, they are buying the dream, not your service.

You know this.

They buy Paris, not the plane.

They buy feeling deeply loved, great vacations, re-doing the kitchen, great schools for their kids.

Only to you it looks like they’re buying insurance, time management, relationship skills, or health programs.

Can they feel the dream you’re offering them?

Do you know how to put it into words that will grab them so they can’t let go?

I hope so.

If not, you’re ignoring two of the most powerful forces on the planet: our ancient instinctive “gut” brain, and our hearts.

DREAM #2:   Yours

There is a famous entrepreneur who rose to the top by selling her lifestyle.

Yes, she worked hard, and every post, every email, and every video showed her new beach house, her limo, her yacht, her parties, and her life.

What happened?

Twenty thousand women wanted to BE her.
Sure they wanted to learn from her.
But mostly they wanted her life.
Her following grew by leaps and bounds.

Every time she stashed away a bottle of Dom in the limo for a shopping spree on Rodeo,

she tweeted her fans.

And they signed up in droves.

What were they buying?
Her life.  Her dream.

So where does this leave you?

If you don’t have the rented limo, plane and yacht yet, you can still give us the photos of your trip to Hawaii, your skiing adventures, or your birthday party at Disneyland.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford Disneyland.

What matters is that you excite us about your life. So we want to join the party.

(It sound fun, cool, glamorous, or all three.)

Fun activates the ancient limbic system, the emotional brain, and opens the heart.

Fun makes us want to follow you.

Try it.

Do it consistently for 60 days.

And when you offer your real, legitimate service or product that can make their dream come true…

You will find a lot more eager, hungry, happy clients and customers.

What happened to Jenn?

She got over feeling miffed – fast.

She wrote a lot more about the Gritti, Virgin First Class, Canyon Ranch, and the Spa at the Peninsula.

Last I heard, her list had doubled.

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