3 Phrases That Keep You Small

“The problem is…”

That used to be one of Julie’s favorite phrases.

Until her friend Kathy pointed out how good she was at pointing out problems.

Instead of solutions.

That phrase was keeping Julie small.

It was the way she thought.

And the way Julie thought appeared in her life with depressing regularity – knotty problems showed up all over the place.

In fact, some days all Julie could see was problems.

But she was so good at spotting them!

When you actually make up your mind to change your thoughts, your life changes.  Duh.

Julie got rid of that phrase in 8 weeks.

Her business doubled in less than seven months.

If you’re stuck at a certain level in your business, you’re keeping yourself there.

Here is a way to stop the sabotage and nudge your mind out of the ruts.

3 Phrases that Keep You Small

1. “I don’t have the money”

Sasha sobbed and whined for 10 years about what a great film she could make if she only had $5M.

One day she picked up a $200 digital camera, wrote a script, and shot her first web episode.

Last night she was a finalist for a Shorty award for best Web show.

She has been recently featured in 6 cool blogs here and in Europe for her web series.

She didn’t need the $5M.

She did need to say good-bye to her favorite problem.

Don’t throw money at your problem.

Throw your ingenuity, your creativity, your street smarts.

You will have a far more inventive brain, not to mention a more flexible, creative, and successful business.

2. “I’m too busy”

OK, this is painful.

You don’t have the time because you don’t want the time.

You’re scared of what might happen if you had it.

Either for traumatic reasons which are beyond the scope of this article, or because being busy is safe, and looks productive, so you don’t want to give it up.

John was suffering in his $200K business. He wanted to write novels, not run a business. And the daily trivia was eating him alive.

One day he ran out of the office and signed up at a gym.

He felt incredibly guilty. He worked out for an hour, and sneaked back to his desk.

At first, his employees guessed where he’d been and sneered. His family didn’t understand why he was “goofing off.” But he kept at it.

John had stumbled onto one of the golden secrets of time management: He began to manage his energy, not his time.

Six years later, he has outsourced most of his employee work.
His business hit half a million.
He’s published his third novel.
He takes time for lunch every day.
And he’s still working out.

John is acutely aware of what brings his energy up, and what saps it.

He is a black-belt at energy management.

And all the time he needed magically appeared.

3. “I can’t.”

I hate to tell ya, but this is code for “I won’t.”

There is someone out there with your exact same problem who said “I can…”

And they made it happen – wealth, love, super health, fame, you name it.

They said “I can” and did what it took to get there.

Because when you say “I can’t,” you are telling the world that you’re comfortable with your problems, thank you. You’re not going to budge.

Get your mind out of this highly dangerous rut – now.

Just say “I won’t” instead of “I can’t” and see if you cringe.


Time for that phrase to disappear – your life is waiting.

Nothing is impossible but the limits you set.  Nothing.

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