3 Signs You’re About to Make More Money

I don’t have to tell you that all of us would love to make more money

The problem is, so many times we change course, almost at the precise instant when the money is about to come in.

So how do you know when you’re getting warm, and the money river is about to cascade through your door?

My friend Dina had been plugging away at her business for 4 years.

All of a sudden, she had a breakthrough.

She started to make almost twice the income.

“I can’t believe this!,” She said.  “It’s wonderful, but it came out of nowhere.”

Not really.

There are actually three signs, subtle but real, that you’re about to make more money.

It happened to me last year, and I noticed the difference in ME “before and after.”

Here are three surefire signs….



You’re surprised.

You find yourself actually getting excited about a part of your business you’ve been ignoring.

All of a sudden, the idea of one-on-one clients is really cool, it feels good.

Or launching a weekend and selling high-end packages sounds more exciting than a trip to Paris.

Or you really like blogging, who knew?

Or you’re a natural on video.

Or you just found out how to automate part of your coaching, so you’re shocked you’ve now got 30 free hours a month.



9 out of 10 people who make a big shift and start to make more money, have had some kind of personal experience that leaves them deeply relaxed.

All of a sudden, selling clients into your programs is actually easy. You don’t take everyone. You enjoy the ones you do sign.

Selling High-End packages and doubling your income in a weekend leaves you jazzed and full of energy. Not overwhelmed and crazy.

When you blog, you sound like yourself.  You find you’ve got a lot to say.  Readers respond to you differently.

All of a sudden, making videos is a breeze.  You’re so relaxed in front of the camera. People relate to it. You get tons of views.

You’ve got free time! You don’t fritter it away. You work on a Big Dream. You feel an amazing sense of accomplishment.


3. FUN

This is the secret sauce.

You’ve re-discovered something in your business you really, really like.  And it’s fun.

This is closely related to the surprise.

One-on-one clients feel good, it’s fun. Wow!  How do you get more? (Speak.  Hold Preview calls)

A weekend selling high-end packages is an amazing idea – you could make a year’s income in three days. Where do you start?  (Call Sponsors. Promote 6 months ahead.)

Blogging is cool. Now how do you get 5,000 readers in the next 4 months? (Work your tail off and guest blog)

Video is fun, you’re having a blast. Now how can you get a devoted fan base? (Drip a 1-minute video twice a week – everywhere..)

Half your coaching programs are now automated!

What do you do with all this free time?

(Double your client base, write a book, dust off your Big Dream)

“Fun” it’s not a business concept That we usually think about.

Is it?

Do you?

The truth is, relaxation comes before fun..

But you won’t notice it until you’re actually having fun.

And the reason these are signs you’re about to make more money is simple.

Enjoying what you do again is a powerful engine that will pull you forward, effortlessly.

If you have any of these three signs happening in your business, look for the other two.

You’re about to make a financial leap.


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