From Cave to Squillionaire

How do you start out in a cave and become a Squillionaire?

When I was in the U.K. in July, what really stunned me was not Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, it was The Cavern.

That famous, slightly grubby little pub where the Beatles got their start.

(Who are the Beatles?  They’re an ancient mid-20th century rock group who started global riots just by picking up their guitars.)

Amazing to think that a multi-billion dollar enterprise got its start in such a  small place…

Come to think of it.. Don’t we all start out there?

Didn’t Zappos start out in an attic?

Didn’t Microsoft start out in a garage?

So what I’d like to give you, are 3 tips that may not lead you to a billion-dollar enterprise…

but that will get you to see that where you are now, is just an inkling of where you are going to go.

Want to know what they are?

1. Know how to quit.


If you’ve built a website and a business idea that you can’t leverage,  you will never have a business, you’ll have a job.

Know when and how to throw out all your favorite ideas and start anew – with a business model that will give you the freedom you really seek.

2. Stand Out. 

If people don’t get you, they won’t hire you.  They’ll go for “a specialist.”  That could have been you.

Stand for something.  Stand up for your opinions.  Stand apart from your crowd.

Stand in front of your market.

Stop hiding behind your expertise.

Your future clients are waiting for you to SHOW UP!  Loud and clear.

(Hint:  You may not know you’re not standing out.  Get a trusted friend to tell you.)

3.  Choose your affections.

You may love client work.  That’s great.

Do you love it more than personal freedom, time off, and a cushioned income?

If you are willing to re-think your entire way of working, you can have a business that’s five times the size you have now.  But you don’t have to.

If you really love the sweat and hours of 1-1 client work and don’t want to leverage your business, that’s great.

If you’d like more personal freedom, time off, and a cushioned income, you may have to let go of your love for 1-1 work.

It’s a matter of choosing your affections.


Til next time,


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