How To Get Your Future Clients to Listen With Both Ears!

Julie was on a call with high-energy professionals, learning how to attract more clients.

When it was her turn, Julie said, “So many professionals, especially women, think they’re not ready to raise their fees, or get bigger in their business. I show them how to get the mind-set and the confidence they need to grow. You can have all the marketing tools, but if you don’t have the mind-set, it won’t be very effective.”

Yada yada yada!   (Bored yet?)

Great idea, but here’s the response she got:

“Julie! You’re in Service Mode! Get out of Service Mode!”

Julie was talking about
  1. Her service,
  2. The problem,
  3. And what she offered.
(Like most of us.)

Julie was not talking about the Transformation – the big Jackpot that her clients paid her for.

If you don’t talk about the Jackpot – the transformation you cause in their lives…

  1. They aren’t really listening (they’re pretending)
  2. They don’t want what you have… because
  3. The Jackpot – that transformation – is the only thing they really want.

Meanwhile you’re hanging out in Service Mode, explaining the terrible problems people have and how you solve them.

You’re not reaching the Old Brain.
You’re not allowing people to Want You.

Remember people only buy what they want… not what they need – no matter how badly they need it.

And this is as true for Facebook, Twitter, and social media as it is face-to-face.

Julie laughed at how easily she was caught in Service Mode and tried again:

“After they work with me, my clients stop making excuses, they get more clients, and they raise their fees.”

But the group would not let her go without giving it her best shot.

“Come on Julie, give us a story!”
And she did.

At my last workshop, Diana was so burned out she had tears rolling down her face.   Her business was failing because she hated to promote herself. 3 weeks later, she had 9 new clients. 3 months later, she made over $75,000.”

Is that a Jackpot?
  1. It talks only about Diana’s transformation
  2. It’s a nifty emotionally-charged story that zeroes in on the Old Brain.
  3. It’s personal enough to identify with. You want what Diana has.
She was too busy in Service Mode.
We all talk, and even think – in Service Mode. It’s second nature.

We get caught up in explaining Our Service and the Problem and How We Solve It and zzzzzzz……

Got it?

If you want to put this to work in your business right now:

  1. Think in Jackpot Mode. Don’t think “What do I do?   How can I express it so people really get it?”
  2. Instead, start telling wonderful VERY SHORT client stories.   Talk about how your clients feel after they work with you.
  3. Give us the Jackpot FIRST, which is what the Old Brain wants and can make an immediate decision on.
  4. Then, give us a second Jackpot. Save your service till later.

A multi-million dollar coach began doing this a few years ago with her speeches (you’d know her name in a heartbeat.)

She took out the fancy technical explanations, threw away the how to’s, and began to tell wonderful stories of what happened AFTER people used her product.

Her conversion rates sky-rocketed. She out-sold the guys in the room by a long shot.

The more stories she told, the more mon^ey she made.

There’s a moral here!

When you offer the Jackpot FIRST, your prospects listen with both ears.

  1. Service Mode brings you struggle, confusion, and lots of “trying.”
  2. Jackpot Mode attracts highly interested, motivated future clients, who want what you’ve got – right now.

CHALLENGE:   For the next 30 days, get out of Service Mode.

Talk and write only about the Jackpot they want, and watch what happens.

Till next time,

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