The Miracle of Packaging an Offer

Claire was a “best-kept secret.”

When she worked her magic on her client’s marketing materials… they began to make tens of thousands,
sometimes several hundred thousand, in extra income.

“So why don’t I have a bigger business?” she sighed.

“I make money for everyone but me!”

Claire was ignoring two big holes in her own business.

  1. She wasn’t making clear offers.
  2. She wasn’t packaging her offers.

Claire offered teleseminars, workshops, she took personal clients for 8 sessions. She even spoke frequently.

But no one really “got” Claire’s gifts until they worked with her.

And no one “got” that Claire had more than a workshop or a teleseminar to offer.

So why was Claire hiding in the “Offer Closet”?

  1. She did not take the time to write an exact, sexy, tantalizing offer for her market.
    (How much time does it take? About an HOUR.)
  2. She did not offer packages so that people knew WHAT and HOW to buy from her.
    (How much time does it take to create a package? About an HOUR.)
  3. Deep down, Claire did not feel as if she had much more to offer.
  4. Deep down, Claire loved what she did so much she would have done it for free, and often did.
  5. Deep down, Claire had no idea where she’d find clients who’d pay her what she was worth.

Finally one of her clients told her outright:

“I’d have paid you a thousand a month for a year if you’d only offered a program after your teleseminar.”

The restaurant was open, but Claire wasn’t on the menu.

Here’s what happened when she decided to go for it:

Claire Before:
“I help professionals redefine their marketing so they attract up to twice the business.”

Claire After: 
“Before I worked with Jack, he and his team were doing $2 Million in sales at a Fortune 100. Six months later, they made $10 Million.”

Next, Claire sat down and sketched out 3 programs in which she redesigned her client’s marketing top to bottom.

It took her an hour.

Later that week a prospect called and said, “How do I work with you?”

Claire said, “I have a 3-month program for $11,000, a 6-month program for 17,000, and a 12-month program for $27,000.”

And she described the results he would get in each one – in tantalizing detail.

The man replied, “Wow, I didn’t know it was that much. I want the $27,000 program. I’ll have to take out a loan. When do we start?”

This is a true story.

Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Are you hiding in the Offer Closet?

  • Is it crystal clear what amazing results people get when they work with you?
  • Have you clearly designed programs for each level of participation?
  • Is there a huge program you “could” offer but you think it’s impossible to fill?

What’s stopping you?

Create the offer, create the programs, GET PREPARED, and they will find you.


Because the whole energy of your business will change.

People will feel it.

And “Luck” happens when Preparation meets Opportunity.

Try it. It works!

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