How to Get A Flood of Clients from Your Online Marketing

Mothering is eternally underrated, and it’s the hardest job in the world.

So Happy Mother’s Day to everyone of you who mothers…children, cats, dogs, plants, and exotica.

My friend Jeannie mothers stray boa constrictors, abandoned African tortoises, and homeless iguanas.

My mother, 91, just bought a pair of 5-inch black patent wedgies… (gotta love those genes!)

The article this week is about something my clients want more than anything else… and I’d like to show you that yes, it’s completely possible.

So…want more prospects who just email you, asking how they can work with you?

No, it’s not a fantasy.

Here are some real stories of real people who made that happen.

1. Jack called me up last October. practically yelling through the phone:

“Guess what?

“I went on Linked In and discovered my perfect referral partners – they’re the attorneys who get in front of my insurance prospects.

“I’ve tripled my business since April.

“Now I’ve got clients all over the country.

“And I’m through with breakfasts, lunches, coffees and networking all over this city! Nuts to that!”

Jack tripled his business in 6 months with savvy Linked In partnerships.


2. Gail Martin wrote an urban fantasy novel 4 years ago. (

It was picked up by a small publisher in England.

“OMG,” thought Gail, “who will find this book?!”

So she went out on Facebook and found her tribe – people who loved urban fantasy.

She made friends with famous authors in the field and guested for them on their blogs.  (Very Important Strategy)

Gail has sold 400,000 books in the last 4 years.

Now Gail’s a famous author in the field.

She is also a social media master who spends 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week on social media.

It’s not hard.  Spend 10 minutes, 3 times a day on social media.  Use your Smart Phone.

That’s one of Gail’s secrets.


3. Robert had a 15-year-old marketing firm. He started writing articles 3 years ago.  He hired someone to put in the the tag words and place them on article sites.

When he reached 80 articles, he got his first client from the internet.

In two years, Robert had over 300 articles,  at 10 different sites around the net  – that’s 3,000 articles.

He received from 2 to 4 emails a week from prospects all over the world, asking to become clients.


4. Robert, again.

Article marketing may not be what it used to be as a lead generator.

So…Robert still writes articles for his blogs.

But now he generates leads to his blogs from Facebook and Twitter.

Robert’s associate targets appropriate audiences on Facebook and Twitter and sends them to the blogs.

He now gets 2-6 prospects a week.

Why?  Because he created 3 different blogs and sends targeted traffic from Facebook and Twitter to each of them.

(Don’t have a “associate” who can do this? Think overseas outsourcing.  It works.)

So…is it possible to get interested prospects “just” from the internet?

What do you think?

Wait til you hear my You Tube stories!

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