3 Paths To More Moolah, Less Sweat


Yep, you’ve heard of them.

You’ve even done them.

Maybe it’s time to uplevel your opt-in rate and your game.

Did you know?

In terms of event-based marketing – webinars have made
many people more money than anything they’ve ever done.

The majority of Fortune 500 companies use webinars

The majority of Big Name consultants use webinars


Where else do you have the opportunity to
engage people for a good hour or so?

They can have incredibly high conversion rates.

They are great for facilitating partnerships.

They are your best chance to promote a partnership
out of your league, with a Big Name, if you’re lucky.

Done twice a month, regularly, webinars can bring you
private clients, group coaching clients, and sell your product.

Webinars are excellent lead generators.


I am now going to giving a plug for LEADPAGES.NET.

I listened to Danny Inny and Clay Collins about
the four most important pages on your site:

  • Opt-In pages that convert up to 70-80%,
  • Lesson Pages that convert 3-4X more than your blog
  • Webinar Squeeze pages that bring you twice the sign-ups
  • Sales Pages that are short, and psyched up to double your conversion

Check this out.

If you are doing webinars, Danny and Clay can send your
conversions out of sight.

And I am not an affiliate!  Just a fan.



Have you thought of adding workshops to your service?

Can you teach the public, or your peers?

If you do a virtual workshop (webinar)
or a live one:

1.  You can become known for your expertise
outside your field.

2. Marketing the workshop takes a bit of work,
but the workshop itself will market YOU.

3. You only have to come up with one workshop,
and you can offer it 4 times a year or once a month.

4. You can sell high-ticket items during your
workshop (people see you in action.)

5. You can charge $495 to $997 for these workshops.

6. 10 people 4 times a year is an extra $40,000.

You do the rest of the math.



Otherwise known as short-term memberships.

If you have a webinar, or teach a course, or
have a great product, some people may want
short-term support to get going.

So offer a 30-day, or 60-day, or 90-day club.

1. You work with them at your choice -
one full day a month, 2-3 calls per month,
a private forum, limited emails, etc.

2. There is minimal work on your part.

3. They get support and great partnerships.

4. You can upsell them at the end into a
higher-end program.

5. You can even make this evergreen by
creating support videos and postings that
work for the life of your product.

So they can join at any time.

They get massive value and content.

And you only have to get on the phone
for a Q&A once or twice a month.

Private calls with you, of course,
cost a lot more.

6. One 60-day membership for 10 people
at $495 is $4950.

One 60-day membership for 10 people
at $997 is $9970.

I think you can do the rest of the math!

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