5 Strategies for When You Hate to Work

Can you have a business
if you hate to work?


Here are 5 ways to have
a thriving company when
you really hate to work.


If you hate to work, there’s a
75% chance you are an extremely
right-brained thinker.
You are highly creative and may have
a touch of ADD, like many brilliant creatives.

You don’t really hate to wok.

You just hate boring drudgery.
The kind that runs a business.

For you, it’s like pulling teeth.

The truth is, your brain actually rebels
at this type of activity.

That’s why you hate it so much.

Like Winston Churchill at 18, who
flunked the entrance exams to
Sandhurst 3 times, even when
his father locked him in a castle with
three tutors.

If you don’t like it, it ain’t gonna happen.

And if you do force yourself to make it happen,
it takes twice as long and you’re miserable.

And  if you do like it, you can be a
smashing success.

When he was 25, Churchill was a best-selling author,
a war hero, and a millionaire.

What happened?

He liked writing and he liked war.

What’s your answer?



1) Check out $10/hr VAs on Craig’s List.
Check out $5.50/hr VAs in the Philippines.

2) Hire Interns – not just kids, professionals
between jobs who are looking to keep their
skills sharp.  Yes they exist and yes you can
write contracts for them just like an employee.

3) Use technology.  If you hate email,
use Dragon 12 – and “speak” all your answers.

If you are still doing your own scheduling,
use Time Trade.

4) If you must do some boring mundane task,
reward yourself with something you really like
– chocolate, time off, YouTube surfing…



Chances are, you have the type of brain that operates on fun.

Lauren was complaining to me about how
much she hated work.

I said she must had really hated
writing her book.

“Oh no!” she said.  “That was fun.”

Writing a book, which most people would rather
put off until their next life, was fun to Lauren.

When you are doing something your brain
likes, you don’t classify it as work.

You classify it as fun.

You are creating a problem for yourself
with such a start contrast.  There are probably
several types of “work” which you think
are fun.

Realize that you don’t hate work.

You just hate certain kinds of work.

This is crucial.
It will do amazing things for your self-esteem.

Stop feeling guilty that you have a brilliant
creative right brain that likes to play.

And write a short list of everything that’s
fun for you.

This list will probably have work on it, but
your brain doesn’t see it like that.

Then re-read #2 – and outsource!

And fill your life with fun.

Even if it makes you really anxious at first.

Churchill was a first-class painter, a professional
brick-layer, and a world-class bon vivant.

How much fun are you having?



Ever notice that “busy-ness” in contained
in the word  “Business”?

When you refuse to budge,
refuse to find outsourcing that
would make your life a lot easier,
chances are you’re hiding in “work.”

You’re too busy to outsource.
You’re working your tail off and hating it.
There’s no way out.

You’re keeping so busy and hating it so much
that it’s a guarantee you’ll remain stuck
for the next umpteen years.

Consider, gently, that
you’re using “work” to hide from
some stuff you don’t want to take a look at.

If this is you,
let a good friend to
tell you the truth, with love.

Your soul is crying out for a break.

If you can’t afford a professional,
trade with someone who does energy
work, or therapy. 

There are excellent free groups
that can get you out of your rut.

You can do it.

And you will not recognize your life.



You’re in the wrong business,
too stubborn to give up.

You’ve living someone else’s life.

Some guru’s idea, or your parents, or your
own weird concoction of what you “ought” to
be doing.

Here’s how to tell.

Make a short list of all the things you
do like to do in your business.

If nothing’s on the list… then write 100 things
you’d rather do to make money. 

I guarantee you…

One of them will be a goldmine.

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