Wired For Burnout? How to Stop

The last days of summer.
The heat is drowsy out here in L.A.

And the red-gold dragonflies are
still circling the pond.

Dragonflies are a symbol of

Is something inside you ready
to let go?

Today’s story is about giving
the world your “real” story, and about
slowing down, neurologically,
to let more life in.

This is counter-intuitive, but it
leads to a booming
business and a happier life.

You may not know it, but
you may be “wired” for burnout,
overwhelm, and striving.

Here are 3 ideas on how to
change that.

“Your time is limited.  So don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”  – Steve Jobs

1. How authentic are you in your business?

If you have a professional “face”
that you’re hiding behind, it will show.

People can feel it.  So can your prospects.

Energetically, you won’t ring quite true.

I was at Ted McGrath’s event 3 weeks
ago.  Onstage, in a business talk, Ted
gave the all the gory details of his
early blow-out and eventual path to
astonishing success.

So far. So good.

Then he had us give our stories.

I was astonished as my 2 partners
and I took turns giving our “professional” versions.

You know, the one that’s on your bio.

It didn’t work.  The two of us who
listened felt nothing.  We weren’t moved.
We didn’t give a damn.

Then we all told the “real” version.

The heart-felt, sometimes bloody,
often messy version of how we came to
be who we were.  What we secretly wanted.
Who we really dreamed of being.

Each time, the two who listened were
enthralled.   Each time, we wanted to
hear more.

This was real.  There was no faking it.

The real story had an emotional
punch so potent that it moved others to
gasps, or tears.

Your real story has a raw power that is

Try letting it out, and see what happens
to the people who are following you.

(Hint: This type of marketing is the
cusp of what’s coming.)

2. Would you like more time for your life?

Do you know there’s a good chance your
brain won’t let you have it?

If you are stay so “busy” running a business
that you don’t have time for your life, your partner,
or your Gift…

Neurologically, you might be unable to slow down.

If your brain is wired to keep moving,
you couldn’t slow down if you wanted to.

Like an animal in the wild, you have to
“Keep moving.”

The good news is…

This “slowing down” business can actually happen.
You can get your life back.

But you will have to train your body and your brain
for a slower pace.  Afternoons off.  Less busywork.

One way to slow down:

  • Schedule an hour off in the middle of your week.
  • Get away from work – anywhere.
  • Do something “non-productive” – go to a playground,
    the river, a park.
  • Withstand the anxiety.
  • Notice what happens in your body.
  • Your body may be fighting the anxiety for an hour, and it may not feel so hot.
  • But if you keep doing it, your brain will come to expect this time as “noodling” time and in 4-6 weeks, your breathing will slow down.

Watch for that moment.
It’s the beginning of your freedom.
Keep up your hour for a year, or
as long as it takes until your system
“gets” that it’s safe to slow down.

It’s not enough that your brain

You have to feel it in your body,
or it won’t happen.

Slow down, and let more life in.

3.  If you often use the words, “I have to” or
“I need to”…
you’re living in someone else’s idea of a business.

Not yours.

OK, if you had all your systems in place,
if you had as many clients as you wanted,
if you had all the help you needed –

Would you have fun?
Would you be happy?

Or would you still be “somewhere else?”

If you said yes, if you’d still rather be
“Somewhere else”… then go there.

You will never be happy in business,
and your business will never reach its potential.

If you said heck no, you’d be ecstatic to have a
smooth-running business.

You need systems, clients, and a business
that supports your dream.  Go Get ‘Em!

The power of fun, and play, and joy, and pleasure.
is contagious.  You having fun, you at your peak,
reaches out to others.

You get things done faster, and it’s less “work.”

You burst through the screen.

Your energy is irresistible.

We want to see you – with ease and grace and at a slower pace.

Your world is calling for you – the real you.

Time to get out there.

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