Show Me The Money

Laura called me to talk about doing podcasting together.

Along the way, she said, if you know of any way to get affiliates to send out emails for me, let me know!

I asked her what the problem was.

Laura said she had a $1997 program she was launching but none of her affiliates were sending out emails.

And oh, yes, she had a dedicated podcasting audience of 5,000, but she wasn’t selling it to them.

Can you spot the problem here?

  1. Some affiliates know how to launch. Many don’t.  They shouldn’t be in your posse.
  2. Affiliates get launch fever. They get high from that first shazamm!! Email.  A good affiliate manager can whip up launch frenzy, but Laura didn’t have one.
  3. Good affiliates like incentives. Laura said she had a condo in Cozumel, would that do?  Well yes, it would.


What about those 5,000 dedicated Listeners that were hanging on Laura’s every word each week? Was she marketing directly to them?


What could Laura do to get into the money and out of affiliate begging?

Bring her dedicated market closer to her best-priced  program

For example:

  1. Cut her program to $797, with a $997 upsell.  That is still a high price for a first-time offer, so…
  2. Put a drip-marketing system in place with contests, seductive interviews and freebies for her dedicated audience.
  3. Laura’s audience had been trained that Laura was “Free.”  Bad idea.
  4. They have to be re-trained to believe that they could make money if they invested in her.
  5. Laura’s program was too pricey, and no one could “test-drive” her. So…
  6. Plan a $97 “Get It Done Day” for her audience, so that many of them can participate in her coaching and “test-drive her.”
  7. Plan a full-scale launch, to launch the new program, complete with early-bird bonuses, last-minute incentives, and disappearing offers (yes, I know, but they work.)
  8. Create a small dedicated mastermind group from the people who choose to buy her program, and tell stories to her audience ALL THE TIME about the success her classes are having.

OK, we could go on and plan a full year that would upgrade Laura from a freebie business model to a highly lucrative one,  but do you see how you have to coax the market to the money?

And isn’t it easier and more fun you do it this way?

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