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seen lots of you on your webcams recently. So I know you need this! 😀

Some Tips On Interactive Virtual Presentations.

Setup, tips, and tricks on how to do interactive virtual presentations, standing in front of PowerPoint slides.

Handling uncertainty: panic vs. precautions…

It’s hard to make the right decisions when the data is uncertain.

The Power of Human Intelligence via Experience Management.

Computers are useless; they can only give you answers. It’s time to build information systems that fully leverage the most important technology in the organization: people!

European Big Data Value Forum, Helsinki.

My presentation from the recent European Big Data Value Forum in Helsinki.

The Start of a New Golden Age for Mid-Size Businesses.

I believe it’s the start of a new golden decade of opportunity for midsize businesses — here’s why…

Lessons learned from the SAP UK Business Technology Platform event.

I recently had the honor of delivering the keynote at the “The Journey to the Top” Event at SAP UK headquarters, and you can see my slides and a video in my previous post How Data is Powering The Future of Business: Trends and Opportunities. Here’s what I took away from the event: The world …

Elevate Tech Fest Toronto: Digital Transformation & Analytics.

My presentations from the Toronto Elevate Tech Fest, on Digital Transformation and Analytics Innovation.

How Data is Powering The Future of Business: Trends and Opportunities.

At the SAP UK Journey to the Top event this week, I presented a keynote on “How Data is Powering The Future of Business: Trends and Opportunities.”


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