Enhance IT resiliency and business continuity
By: Date: 01.02.2020 Categories: Business,Business Administration

with reliable data protection and continuous business operations.

Is your business continuity plan designed to evolve with changing times?

In the course of cloud transformation, many IT and business leaders have realized that their business continuity plans are not be effective enough. Whether you’re looking to enhance the protection of your business operations and critical data, or you want to improve the way your business responds to threats, especially cyberattacks, there’s never been a better time to review and realign your IT resilience program. Taking the necessary measures today can help ensure that any future incident won’t have a devastating effect on your business.

IBM offers a full range of services, solutions and technologies for data protection and recovery, including backup as a service (BaaS), disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), cyber resilience service, and IT resilience orchestration (ITRO).

Does your backup support continuous business operations in the event of a disaster?

Your data is the driving force behind key business decisions. Data loss, breaches and disruptions can put your business in jeopardy. IBM Data Protection with Backup as a Service (BaaS) can help you safeguard and retrieve data, monitor the health of your data protection environment, and support information resiliency.

IBM Data Protection with BaaS provides a robust range of onsite, offsite and hybrid cloud-based data protection solutions that allow you to gain security-rich access (virtually anywhere, anytime) to information across your enterprise. IBM helps you choose and implement a solution option tailored to your needs for backup, retention and retrieval.

Are you prepared enough to protect and recover your business from cyberattacks?

With cyberattacks on the rise, planning your cyber recovery capability is critical to mitigating the impact of cyber incidents. With a cyber recovery solution, you can reduce the time to recover and the costs associated with disruptions, including reputational and regulatory impact.

To best mitigate the impact of cyber disruption, you might consider an orchestrated resilience approach. IBM’s Cyber Resilience Services can help you enable rapid, simplified and reliable recovery of business-critical applications and data within minutes or seconds as your RTO/RPO demands.

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